Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Intermezzo on drugs

Last week I was confronted with a less pleasant part of wine: its weight. As a matter of fact, I did something very stupid: I lifted two six-packs, all the way from the floor, while chatting and not paying attention to what I was doing, making a bad move and *tsjak* is what my back said.

It's painful but moreover, it's annoying: I am very limited in what I can do all day.

And I even can't drink. The stuff I that got prescribed is called Tramadol, quite heavy stuff that gives a slightly intoxicated feeling, invokes hot flushes and - just as with smoking pot - gives a dry mouth. Altogether not even that bad with a glass of water within reach, but a refreshing wine would of course be better.

However, alcohol overrules the effect of the tramadolhydrochloride I was told, so I shouldn't do that.

What actually bothers me is that I hurt my back with a case of my favourite wine… Well, I know this is never going to happen to me again. Carrying cases is serious business, obviously.

No worries, my next posting will be about wine again. Or about Port. Yes, I look forward to opening a great bottle of Port soon.


Martin Brown said...

I suffer from a torn disc procured via an ill-fated rendezvous with a trolley of wine years ago. Have been given Tramadol but find Codeine (DHC/Cocodamol) works far better for me. Feel your pain, both in the raw and the annoying abstinence, and wish you a speedy recovery!

Andrés said...

What's that drug supposed to do?

David said...

Andrés, it relieves the pain. Which is over now by the way.