Opening: Bordoverview Blog

Today I'm starting this Bordoverview Blog. What to expect? Just all kinds of news issues, be it an update on the soap opera called Classification, an interesting change of ownership, or a tasting note that I want to share with you. As a matter of fact I'm not really sure what exactly I'm going to offer, I guess we will have to see also.

The stupid thing: I have the idea that almost nobody will read a first post. Probably Google will only have indexed this blog after a couple of days, and I still have to go around on the internet asking webmasters and moderators for a link to my new blog. Maybe I first have to write something before they will want to exchange links... chicken and egg.

Anyway, let's hope this blog will be a big success!


DavidK said…
Hi David, nice blog! It looks very classy. Bordeaux is my first love wine-wise, so i'll be checking in from time to time to see what's new here. Yesterday i opened up some Bordeauxbottles with Roel, he mentioned your blog during the evening. It's a small world.

Good luck and all the best, David Koenen.
Anonymous said…
David, I wish you a big success with your New Kid on the Blog!

John Levie -

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