Live: Bordoverview 2.0

Last Wednesday my provider pulled a red handle and flushed my home-made first version of Bordoverview. This first version was rather plain, technically limited, but interesting enough to attract lots of visitors from all over the world. And also to have Bordoverview mentioned on many websites, and off-line for example in the UK newspaper The Independent.

Bordoverview 2.0
But to move ahead, beyond the technical limitations, an even-bigger-nerd-than-me was required, someone who really knows how to program. It was my old school friend Ward van der Put who saw Bordoverview, and its potential. But to get the most out of the data, he would have to rebuild the website. And that's what he did. The resulting version 2.0 looks more or less the same, but underneath it a lot has changed:

1. When viewing and sorting wines, you do not have to choose one year, or one river bank. You can combine years, and/or river banks, or both.
2. You can filter on all kinds of criteria. E.g. filter on the wines of Margaux, on Cru Bourgeois, or on 'Consultant'.
3. You can now store your preferences. Say you are not interested in Bordoverview's own wine ratings (hard to imagine), you go to Preferences, uncheck the Bordoverview column and it won't show any more.
4. Bordoverview is cross-browser compatible. So no matter if you prefer Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or some other exotic browser, the new site has the cleanest cross-browser compatible code that you can imagine.
5. Bordoverview is set up such that it can grow again horizontally (without loosing overview), so in the near future new tasters can be added.

As said, we didn't change the looks. So you do not have to get used to some fancy new interface. It is just the same old boring looking website.

Ward van der Put has written some release notes, so if you are interested, see what he explains about this major change.


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