Bordeaux 2007 and Robert Parker: the oracle has spoken

Since today the judgement of Robert Parker for the tortured Bordeaux 2007 vintage can be found on Bordoverview. At this moment not the exact ratings, but an interpretation of these. No worries: you can still perfectly sort the wines (behind the interpretations are the real scores, invisible). If you want to check out the precise ratings now, visit the website of Robert Parker (scores are in the members area).

As expected, the 2007 reds did not get much praise from Robert Parker, to put it mildly. Also he gives a clear sign that prices ought to go down.

When looking at the quality of the reds, Parker believes that 2007 seems to be sort of a repetition of 1997. Quite light and friendly, but not a vintage for the long run. Hopefully it won't be a repetition money-wise also: 1997 was - at the time - released way too high, forcing a substantial price drop in the years to follow.

But unfortunately, there are still no signs that the release prices for the 2007s will differ much from those of the 2006s. Actually, we do not hear much at all from the Bordelais. Only very few chateaux have announced their prices until now (Maucaillou, Pédesclaux, La Sergue and a few other less known chateaux), and for the rest this whole primeurs campaign is currently as dead as yesterday's Kotex (Thank you Henry Miller for the comparison).

More thoughts on all this can be read on Decanter: see Maggie Rosen's account from yesterday.

Nevertheless I am very curious about what the chateaux are going to do eventually... and if you are curious too, make sure you follow the Bordoverview website. It will be very regularly updated with the latest prices... and often it will be the first to publish these.


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