Visit to Tuscany's Maremma

Dear readers, give me a break. The next two weeks me and my computer will be separated, as much as possible at least. I think that's healthy. But the thought of doing no postings also gives me a somewhat uncomfortable feeling: maybe readers will walk away from a blog that remains idle for more than two weeks. But well, I will have to take that risk.

I will be visiting the Maremma. Tuscany's fascinating young wine region near the sea (sea is mare in Italian). With the renown production area Bolgheri, named after the tiny little village in the plains. But I rather visit neighbouring picturesque hillside village Castagneto Carducci. There I will find some great bottles at my favourite enoteca − later I will share with you name and address.

Besides being a wine region, this part of Italy is one of the most beautiful and heavenly places in Europe. I can't wait to go. And luckily I don't have to.

Maybe I will share some wine experience with you in the coming weeks. I'm sure I will be drinking great stuff like Grattamacco (de-li-cious) or their second wine, simply called Bolgheri Rosso; or Sassicaia's second wine "Guidalberto", or third wine "Le Difese". Or Le Macchiole. Anyway, many very interesting wines to taste!

I'll be back. Thanks for your patience.


Anonymous said…
David, you should visit Enoteca Tognoni in Bolgheri (small village close to Castagneto Carducci) Imho, the best enoteca of the region. Small, but good prices and only wines that matter. Just walk through the main gate of the old village; 50 meters on the right side you will find Tognoni. Opposit the road they have a branch where you ca nhave some small antipasti and have great wine by the glass.

Le Macchiole is superb. Try to taste the 2004 Paleo. Le Macchiole is the best producer today in the area together with Tua Rita and Ornellaia.

When you go a little up north to Castellina, you should visit Castello del Terriccio. Awesome wines and, one of the worlds finest wine properties. If you need some help to get in let me know.

Have fun

best, Ralph
Maremma is certainly one of the most beautiful and wild places in Italy, but the true Maremma isn't Bolgheri. Everyone would agree that the heart of Maremma lies in the Grosseto district, nearly 100 km south of Bolgheri. This is an interesting wine area too, that is grown at an unprecedented pace in the last decade. I suggest that you spare a couple of days and take the chance to visit this part of Tuscany too, which is also far more rich of natural beauty, with unspoiled beaches and fantastic hilltop villages.
Ok, live and I was born here, so I might be a little bit biased, but trust me on this one. And by the way, if you need any info feel free to contact me.

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