Preview: Bottle Shock

Today is the first day that the film Bottle Shock will be shown in Europe. Yesterday night was the preview in Tuschinski, Amsterdam's most beautiful movie theatre.

The movie: isn't shocking. But it's quite OK, provided that you are interested in wine. It isn't as vigorous as Sideways, not as surprising or funny, but it definitely entertains, and the photography is beautiful. The makers have been flying over the Napa vineyards a lot, and these decorative scenes are delicious. The true story (the famous Paris Wine Tasting of 1976, a.k.a. the Judgement of Paris) in itself is a small story (yes, with an enormous effect), and presented around that is a little family drama at eventual contest winner Chateau Montelena.

I like the fact that with this film the person Steven Spurrier gets the deserved attention. Instead of Robert Parker, who is always in the spotlights. But in 1976 the world hadn't heard of Parker yet (he entered the scene together with the Bordeaux 1982 vintage). Spurrier isn't a young man anymore, but it surprised me that in the film, which plays in 1976, Spurrier is portrayed by an older man (Alan Rickman). Looking at today's Spurrier, he must have been a more handsome appearance back in the seventies.

Yesterday's preview was organised by Holland's leading social wine community Vinoo. Several local wine merchants presented their French and Californian wines. I was one of them, pouring a/o the exciting French Chardonnay that I wrote about in my previous posting (the Chardonnay is the central wine in Bottle Shock).

Anyway, if you're a wine lover, I think you shouldn't miss this film.


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