Italian intermezzo

This is what I should do: scale up Bolomey Wijnimport and add Italian wines to my portfolio. I love exploring wines from different countries, but only with Italian wine I repeatedly feel the inclination to do something with it, to start importing it. I love France and its wines, and in the same, but totally different manner I love Italy and its wines. The diversity, the classic originals such as Barolo and Brunello, side by side with original modernists such as those from the Bolgheri region. And all that in a country with unparalleled beauty – the Arcadian landscape, the ancient culture, the untouched villages, the climate, the elegantly dressed and good-looking people, the delicious food…

These days I am relaxing at the Tuscan west coast. Just around the corner from Bolgheri, the young wine region where, at its best, totally seducing deep velvet reds are being produced. These are the result of the Italian sun, soil and spirit at the one hand, and French grape varieties and winemaking principles on the other hand. When I entered the spacious vat room of Azienda Agricola Le Macchiole last week I couldn’t suppress a strong association with a random top Bordeaux estate. The looks, the smells (it was during fermentation, with remontages etc.), the high-end touch of it all. A detailed account of my visit to this highly interesting estate will be published in about a week.

And yes, I did find out why the phone was never answered at star San Vincenzo restaurant Gambero Rosso Pierangelini… it is closed. Perhaps temporarily. Does anyone know why?


Rooney said…
Interesting text. You have a nice blog. Keep it up!

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