What to write about this evening?

It is time to give a sign of life. But what to write about this evening?

Should I mention the smell of lime blossom and honey in the just-not-dry (sugar 15 gr/ltr) Vouvray "Le Peu Morier" 2006 from Vincent Carême that I am drinking right now? Last weekend I presented Carême's dry Vouvray at a public tasting. Some people do not know what to say, and some people get very excited. A good sign, I like these extreme reactions. Especially from those people who DIG! the wine, and almost get emotional.

Or should I mention that La Revue du Vin de France writes: "Bordeaux 2006 très prometteur, 2007 trop cher"? I am still glad I didn't stock any 2007s. Not that the 2006s are easy sells, but... they are promising! And some are delicious already.

Or should I mention that more and more of my customers get hooked on the - original - wines from Orléans that I import? Dutch wine writer Harold Hamersma just wrote an article about both the red (pinot meunier 80%, pinot noir 20%) and the white Clos St-Fiacre 2008 (100% chardonnay, unoaked), and earlier this summer wine writer Nicolaas Klei had bought a stack of cases for himself. To be honest, it is great to see people pick up something that I found.

Or should I mention that in the new Decanter (September) Beverley Blanning MW writes an interesting article about Morey-St-Denis, and that one of the four producers that she mentions is David Clark!? Only too bad that she says "he sells all of his production, in the UK, US and Japan" and simply forgets that there is one importer on the European mainland to whom a modest portion is sold... By the way, the featured Côte de Nuits-Villages is the 2007, not the 2005 as is printed. 2007 is also the first vintage in which Clark produces his Côte de Nuits-Villages. Available at the end of this year.

Peugeot 505 V6 3.0 1987
Or should I mention that we did Amsterdam-Paris-Amsterdam with a truly kick-ass car, a Peugeot 505 V6 3.0 from the year 1987? What an unbelievable car! In Paris we did what we like most: walk and walk, and go from the one restaurant to the other. People who follow this blog know what I have been looking for. Correct: all kinds of exciting offal. The St-Sulpice quartier again offered plenty to enjoy.

Or should I wonder why the phone is never answered at Gambero Rosso Pierangelini, the famous restaurant in San Vincenzo (Tuscany) when I try to book a table? I will soon be in San Vincenzo, and I think it is worth checking out this restaurant.

Well, actually the last hour of the Sunday I will enjoy my - just opened - Château Arnaud 2001 (Haut-Médoc). Summer has disappeared at once here in Amsterdam, and the last days have been dark and wet. So this autumnal wine is... very pleasant now. The wine smells dark and deep, oaked and leathery... a sort of welcome to the dark days ahead of us.

Yes, this wine, it makes it easier to say goodbye to the summer.


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