Looking back on the year 2009

A new posting after a short break. I enjoy blogging, but it takes a lot of time. And with the growing importing business it is sometimes hard to find this time. Fellow (ex-)blogger Peter Liem recently quit his great Besotted Ramblings blog after 333 posts, saying "it has become too much to keep up with" (see his last posting). I'm only at 140 postings so will have to continue for a while.

And I have to: the Bordeaux primeurs frenzy will arrive soon, and like previous years I will write about that. By the way, if you wish to follow the Bordeaux 2009 developments even more closely, follow me on Twitter.

Another reason for my short break was the last posting, the backstage view on Bordeaux 2009 written by Belle-Vue technical director Vincent Bache-Gabrielsen, which I wanted to keep in the spotlight as long as possible. If you are reading this, you've probably seen it. What makes it interesting is that it talks about Bordeaux 2009 in - technical - detail, and not just in general praise.

Let's look back at the year 2009 and see which postings were most popular:

1. Vintage report Bordeaux 2008 (14 Jan)
2. Robert Parker & Bordeaux 2006: the final verdict (5 Mar)
3. Bordeaux 2008: Parker has spoken (30 Apr)
4. Bordeaux suffering from hail storms (14 May)
5. Bordeaux 2008: greed returns in tilting market (20 May)
6. Champagne Barnaut (19 Jan)
7. Dom. Leflaive: Bienvenues Bâtard-Montrachet 2000 (16 Feb)
8. What about the primeur 2008 campaign? (26 Jan)
9. Bordeaux 2009: a backstage view (20 Dec)
10. ProWein 2009 in 15 favourite Bordeaux's (30 Mar)

Two remarks:
- The postings early in the year had the biggest chance to be read, and with that realisation look at the striking number 9 position of the year's very last posting! Another 6 months and Bache-Gabrielsen's story will be the most read posting of this blog.
- The various stories about the Bordeaux vintages are popular. But that is also because many people actively search for that information on the Internet.

That's it for now. Back to work: preparing the next trip to France!


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