Another trip to France

Last Tuesday we returned from a more than 2,500 km round trip to Champagne, Burgundy and the Loire. We (Jan van Roekel and I) could have driven all the way to Turkey. Well, that's the effort you make in order to find the best and most interesting wines.

I've always described our previous travels in detail on this blog. This time I won't.

By now it will not surprise you any more that besides wines I have been hunting French offal specialities like Andouillette (be it for dinner at the lovely Bistrot de la Cathedrale in Chartres, or for lunch at L'Arche), Pig's Trotter (this trip I found the best I ever had, for lunch in Le Bistrot le 7 des Berceaux in Epernay - washed it down with Champagne, makes it even better) or Tête de Veau (Plat du Jour in a Beaune restaurant that for the rest wasn't really special). Of course we went to Caves Madeleine as well, our favourite restaurant in Beaune.

Bolomey Wijnimport is growing. Two years ago I had the time to describe every visit, every wine and so on, and it seems that is not possible any more. The company is getting bigger and I am more and more running out of time. Of course I am delighted that people are picking up the 'Bolomey wines'. It's really been a sort of snowball the last half year.

This last trip we visited 13 domains and 2 salons (bio-salon Greniers St Jean in Angers, and the Salon des Vins de Loire). Some visits did not bring what we were looking for, and those I will simply leave out here. The wines that I will start importing will be presented later, one at the time, once things have been arranged; again there are some wines that are fairly 'hard to get'.

Let me conclude by saying that the ride was worth every kilometre. If you want to know why just follow this blog and the Bolomey Wijnimport website. There are some truly new exciting wines heading North!


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