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Bordeaux 2009 Pomerol (or summary part 3b)

OK, it took a while, but here is the last part of my Bordeaux 2009 tasting notes. I decided to make a separate posting out of it instead of completing the last one. So that would make this part 3b, to be precise. From the right bank most of the most spectacular wines are from Pomerol. The three wines that I was most impressed with: Vieux Château Certan, Trotanoy and La Fleur Pétrus. Unfortunately I did not get to taste Château Pétrus... Old vines at Vieux Château Certan, 1 April 2010. For the 2009s my favourite Pomerol. From the Pomerols that I tasted I only present the ones that I recommend. 1. Vieux Château Certan 2009 (Pomerol). Ripe, fresh and expressive. An attractive, modest sweetness. Very deep (exciting) wine. Chalky, succulent, seducing and quite soft. The freshness is great (9+/10). 2. Château Trotanoy 2009 (Pomerol). Open and fresh fruit, hint of sweetness. Once in the mouth it comes across quite classic and tight. Love the mineral touch, with an impression of chalk i

Bordeaux 2009 - tasting the new vintage part 3: Saint-Emilion & Pomerol

In the last two postings I wrote about the Bordeaux 2009 left bank primeurs. In this summary part 3 of the long tasting week in Bordeaux I dive into the right bank wines: the primeurs from the appellations Saint-Emilion and Pomerol. Across the board I had a slight preference for the left bank wines - in 2009 the overall quality in the Médoc is quite high; in Saint-Emilion we also encountered some ugly wines. But in this posting I will only talk about the beauties. Saint-Emilion 2009 Especially in Saint-Emilion you find modern Bordeaux's that can be very massive and ripe, even too much so. It won't come as a surprise that in the warm and sunny 2009 vintage big wines have emerged (for details on the weather during the growing season see the previous posting). Some of these are too hard to handle for me. But as said, let's focus on the good stuff here. 1. Château Cheval-Blanc 2009 (65% of the total volume for the grand vin, 60% merlot, 40% cabernet franc). The most attr

Bordeaux 2009 - tasting the new vintage part 2: Médoc

Bordeaux 2009 is not an evident Left or Right Bank vintage. At the same time many of the wines that I like are from the Left Bank this year. The appellation Saint-Julien shows a high overall standard. But more important: all Bordeaux appellations, on both river banks, brought forth a number of excellent wines. Tasting the 2009's from Château Saint-Pierre and Château Gloria. The Gloria is again one of the 'Best Value' wines. It has been said before: Bordeaux 2009 is not a grand year across the board, but it has many grand if not spectacular wines. Besides that there are some real failures. This fanciful picture - the striking feature of the Bordeaux 2009 vintage - is the result of the character of last year's growing season. After a normal, neither bad nor ideal start ( hail storms in May , mildew attacks with the May and June rains) a long period of warm and dry weather arrived. As a result the sugar level in the fruit got very high, and by the end of August the ber

Bordeaux 2009 - tasting the new vintage part 1: Graves

Bordeaux 2009. Last week Jan van Roekel and I visited Bordeaux, running from the one château to the other to taste the young 2009 vintage. After the many signs of an unparalleled vintage our expectations were... high. And yes, it was a joy to discover Bordeaux 2009. At the same time it was good to taste all these wines, because quality varied. We have tasted some breathtaking 2009s, but also some lesser gods. And even some unpleasant wines. I cannot point out a winning bank or sub-region: in every part of Bordeaux we encountered beauties as well as less special examples of the new vintage. What did I look for? Not just joy. As most readers will know all these wines are too young to be drunk, and also too young to be fully judged. But it is definitely possible to say something about these wines, as long as you take into account that they shouldn't in the first place be pleasing you. So again, what did I look for? Things like... does a wine display healthy (ripe) fruit or is the