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Clos de la Roche Cuvée Vieilles Vignes 1997 Domaine Ponsot

This is an experiment. Just tweeted that Jan van Roekel and I open a Clos de la Roche Cuvée Vieilles Vignes 1997 from Domaine Ponsot, and that we will blog about this (monumental) wine simultaneously. Perhaps an annoying experiment, because it is not the most relaxed way of drinking a great wine... we'll see.

Also posted a picture of the bottle on Twitpic, which I can reproduce here:

Stupid: I can rotate this photo in Twitpic, but not save the rotation...!

Anyhow, the wine: as said, the nose is impressive. Warm and a bit matured, round and a bit oaky. I would call this seductive. This is what I love about a good Burgundy: it combines richness with elegance: the wine is not heavy (and it shouldn't be).

For now we prefer the nose over what we taste in the mouth, and I decided to slightly chill the wine. Just a tiny little bit to give this old man a bit of freshness in the mouth. Nose is complex, taste lacks a bit of life now, is a bit austere... but what can we expect?

Jan says: also…

Michael Broadbent's influence

Despite the warm weather I just uncorked a Bordeaux. Normally I would have poured a slightly chilled red Loire or so, but it is Michael Broadbent who made me long for a Bordeaux today. He wrote in Decanter's Bordeaux issue 2010, the highly interesting special Bordeaux issue that appears once every year.

Let me quote the nestor of wine writing: "It [Bordeaux] is never overpowering; it refreshes the palate […]", and: "Claret gives pleasure; it is contemplative, companionable, subtle, mellow, hospitable. It is for drinking and thinking."

Broadbent is not talking about modern style Bordeaux ("modern, opaque, sweet, fruity, full-frontal reds with a headache-making alcohol content" - Broadbent in the same article), but about the classics. Decanter asked him to list 10 favourite wines and these are the ones he picked, both top end wines and petits châteaux: Mouton-Rothschild (1945), Margaux (1953), Cheval Blanc (1947), Figeac (1949), La Conseillante (1966), Gr…

Bordeaux 2009 recommendations & top sellers

The long Bordeaux 2009 campaign train has passed. The dust has settled, and what remains is the summer calm.

Well, fortunately this is not entirely true: sales continue. Now that we have the complete picture for the 2009s we see people adding some extra wines, while others are only just now starting to make their pick. I can only say, if you want to buy 2009, do not wait too long as wines get sold out now. For example, yesterday the last Château Latour was sold, today the last Château Clinet.

In this posting I present 3 short-lists: the Bordeaux 2009 top sellers (from the Bolomey Wijnimport offers), and my personal Bordeaux 2009 recommendations, split in one list with affordable wines, and one list with - more expensive - grand classics.

Bordeaux 2009 sales top 15
1. Château Ormes de Pez 2009 (Saint-Estèphe)
2. Château Cantemerle 2009 (Haut-Médoc)
3. Clos du Jaugueyron 2009 (Haut-Médoc)
4. Château Poujeaux 2009 (Moulis-en-Médoc)
5. Château Cantenac-Brown 2009 (Margaux)
6. Château Chasse-Spleen…