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Various things written down on Sunday evening

For my last posting I tasted a ship load of wines, so this posting will be nothing more than a short hello. As I've said before, maintaining a blog takes a lot of work, and time, which I do not always have, especially not towards the end of the year. So this will be an 'easy' posting, mentioning some things that I think are worth mentioning.

WineLife Magazine. For those of you who read Dutch, the new WineLife is out. A special Champagne issue, with only one shortcoming, the great Champagnes that I import (Barnaut, Ulysse Collin and Georges Laval) are not listed. But one of the articles (about Champagne) is from me, and there's a very interesting article about cruising Burgundy by Jan van Roekel.

There was a bubbly party for the launch of this new WineLife issue, and for the presentation of the first book from Huib Edixhoven (sorry guys, again written in Dutch). I will see him tomorrow and I have to admit to him that I didn't start reading yet... But I hope his book w…

Bordeaux 2008 UGC tasting Brussels

The Bordeaux 2008 vintage is about to loom up on the horizon. The wines have all been bottled, and the bottles are resting quietly at the châteaux - read: stabilizing and maturing - before they will leave Bordeaux in the course of 2011.

However, some bottles left earlier. They were opened at one of the Union des Grands Crus tastings that are traveling around the world. Yesterday the royal procession halted in Brussels.

It was an interesting tasting, and my intention was to taste all reds. I almost succeeded, but towards the end of the tasting an unexpected turn of events had the effect that I missed some important wines. Among these are favourites like the two Bartons, the two Pichons, Pontet-Canet and Lynch Bages, and all Saint-Estèphes...

The result: this posting cannot be complete. But luckily there are plenty of accounts of these UGC 2008 tastings, e.g. you might check out Neal Martin's stories on the 2008s (login required).

Let's start with a general impression. The picture i…

Tasting weekend in pictures

Last weekend was the biggest Bolomey Wijnimport tasting ever. Preparation took a lot of time, but the result was great. Sunday 31 October some 175 to 200 visitors came to a beautiful penthouse overlooking the IJ to taste 40 wines, and meet the winemakers Coralie Delecheneau (Amboise), Hubert Montigny-Piel (Orléans) and Olivier Collin (Champagne).

Hubert Montigny-Piel with his colleague Eleonore presenting his popular Orléans rouge (pinot meunier, Wijnalmanak 3 stars), his blanc (unoaked, pure chardonnay) and his Orléans Cléry cabernet franc.

Some serious tasting is going on here; thanks to Saskia Bongaerts (left) from Saskia's Huiskamerrestaurant catering was perfect

Coralie Delecheneau is pouring her lovely Montlouis Pétillant Naturel 'Nouveau Nez' (organic)

We ended the day with about 25 people in Saskia's Huiskamerrestaurant where we had a great French dinner. I mean: where in Holland do you start with a Salade de Gésiers...?

This is me saying something to Helen at the d…