TONG Magazine, and Jancis Robinson unsure about when to publish her Bordeaux 2010 ratings

I'm angry. I lost the posting I just wrote. It sat on another computer, and now it's gone. It's the first time this has happened to me with a posting, and I feel I don't have the energy to completely rewrite it. It was about exploring the Belgian English-written award-winning TONG Magazine, which is a dream for every wine lover. In-depth stories, no ads, only the most knowledgeable writers in the field. And it just looks great. So yes, it's something I very much recommend. Perhaps I will dive into this subject another time.

I'll make it short this time. Jancis Robinson wrote on her website that she's not sure when to publish her notes on the Bordeaux 2010 vintage. She does not want to contribute to the development of exploding prices. It's an interesting article and food for thought. My feeling says it would be healthy if the influential critics would NOT write anything before the prices are released, but of course this issue is not as simple as it seems.

Bordeaux is and will always be fascinating. But the wines that I now uncork the most are red Loires and Bourgogne rouges from great producers. Affordable and drinkable. Slightly chilled. Lovely.

The only way to make the Bordeaux prices go down is to neglect the wines. No tasting notes, no ratings, and lots of praise for the beauties from the Touraine, or the Bourgogne Hautes-Côtes... not sure how realistic this all sounds. And well, in 1.5 weeks I'll be heading for Bordeaux. Looking forward to that... and... hey, I lost my anger! Time to open a bottle.


Well done! The best way to end is open a bottle of wine.
Don't worry ... Nothing is lost, everything can be recovered. Good post!
The Wine Colours
Brenda said…
very nice. great post and i particularly enjoy your posts on wine in general. longtime reader, 1st time commenter

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