Bordeaux 2011 - about to discover

Tomorrow we drive off to Bordeaux to taste the 2011 vintage. Many people have already written and speculated about this new vintage, so I won't. Instead I will give you the link to Chris Kissack's write-up, which is interesting and covers most things that can or should be said. And, across the board, I agree with what he is saying.

You can also check out what early-bird James Suckling writes on his blog, clear and to the point. Suckling publishes earlier than any other wine critic, for what it's worth. Some critics don't need to be fast, which is a more preferable position I suppose.

Sad Bordeaux 2011, the vintage that will always be in the shade of its two monumental predecessors. But it seems everybody is glad that there's not this ecstatic atmosphere again. That couldn't have been there anyway.

So if the quality is fairly good, and if the prices will be quite reasonable, things might become interesting in the end... but let's not start speculating now.

For now I'm just very curious to taste all the wines. Monday morning we start at Château Cheval Blanc and Château Ausone, and the last visit is Friday to Château Pétrus.

And on Saturday we will clean our teeth in Champagne, we'll be visiting Georges Laval (remember, the dry ultra-pure and lively organic-since-1971 Champagne which you can find at Noma, and at Bolomey Wijnimport).

If you want to follow our Bordeaux 2011 impressions from day to day follow Bordoverview on Twitter.

In the course of April primeur offers will appear on


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