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Bordeaux 2011 - all out (except for Yquem)

Bordeaux 2011 is clearly a low-interest vintage, that's no news. So why bother writing about it again? I don't know. Perhaps I think the vintage deserves more positive attention than it does, from a quality-perspective. Regarding prices it is more difficult. I was told that producers have never thought so long about setting the 'right price'. And despite that most people will say they did it wrong. The market shows that these people are right, but time will tell if they still are in a few year's time. The 2011's might become bargains, or they might become Good Value after all. Compared to the previous two years demand was and is low. Some wines just don't get any attention. But there are positive exceptions. When looking at attention and sales these are the most successful wines of the 2011 vintage, in order of release date. In italic: the main reason for the wine's popularity. 1. April 19 -  Capbern-Gasqueton (price –2%) great value for money, f