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Bordoverview Blog becomes Bolomey Blog - en aankondiging proeverij en diner!

October 2007 marked the birth of a new wine blog: Bordoverview Blog, the sibling of, the site that only contains nerdy numbers. In five years we have written some 228 postings, stories about the Bordeaux primeurs, and stories about other fascinating wines.

Now, in October 2012, after a first long silence, we have decided that the blog will continue in a different way: it is being unhooked from the international Bordoverview website, and we cling it onto the Dutch Bolomey Wijnimport website.

We thank all our - non-Dutch - readers for following this blog the last 5 years! The upcoming postings will be... in Dutch, Sorry about that. From now on it will mostly be about the wines that are imported by Bolomey Wijnimport. But for sure also about the Bordeaux primeurs, so if you read Dutch, please stay with us!

The only exception in English will be the future postings by my Canadian but Amsterdam-based friend Dwayne Perreault. No problem, as everybody in the Netherlands perfe…